Monday, October 18, 2010

Mold Testing Florida

For the best in Mold Testing Florida home and business owner require superior Mold removal contractors. Mold Removal is a web site that has gathered the best Mold Testing and removal contractors for Florida residents to choose from. Mold infestation can begin by moisture trapped in a wall, or attic from a roof leak. 

Signs can be a musty smell or staining on a ceiling. If anyone in the home is experiencing excessive “allergy” symptoms, mold testing should be considered. The best Mold testing Florida can expect can be found on the web sites national directory of per qualified contractors. 

Experienced and certified in mold testing and removal, each contractor has the proper licenses and insurance for the state the service is provided. Using state of the art equipment, moisture can be found hidden by thermal imaging. Mold spore counts will be taken and compare to counts outside your home. When found, a plan to remove the mold can then be made. Lab testing is also offered to identify the mold in your home. Visit Mold Removal today.